“Things are Expanding” – Swarm Gallery
Project Space – Full room installation
Oakland, CA
In efforts to exemplify a holistic understanding of our relationship to nature, Honey posits questions about cyclical systems and the power that feeds them. Within this fully-immersive environment of raw speaker cones, audio wire and stereo amplifiers, this site-specific installation starts with a bee hive, emanating field recordings of a bee farm in France.

From there, this bee hive (the origination place for honey/power) spreads across the ceiling and down the walls, creating line drawings. These audio wire line drawings encompass organic and mechanical forms, mimicking the transformations between the two. The drawings end at the floor, snake across the floor to the middle of the space, then crawl up to reach the hive.
The cycle continues…

“…showing in the Project Room is Tamara Albaitis’ sound installation, “Honey,” both enchanting and alarming, in a sci-fi fairy-tale way. Amid walls and ceiling covered with wiry black “drawing” a bit reminiscent of sprayed spiderweb hangs a large black spindle-shaped structure, somewhat resembling a wrapped insect meal, vibrating and humming and buzzing through clusters of small speaker cones…”
– DeWitt Cheng, East Bay Express

The power, the source of honey starts deep within the honey comb – or in this case, the four stereo amplifiers which are suspended in the air.
The digital honey comb is covered with buzzing speakers.
The wires move up towards the ceiling, then spread across the ceiling to the four walls…

The speaker wire crawls down the walls, creating pictorial vignettes…

The light within the room plays with the wire drawings…

The wires then, by force of gravity within the cycle, run to the floor, then across the floor, back up to the honey comb within the middle of the space.