‘Post-Production Dialog’
arTransponder Gallery
Berlin, Germany

Are we in the era of postproduction, in which, as Nicolas Bourriaud says, ideas concerning originality and creative processes “…are slowly blurred (…) marked by the twin figures of the DJ and the programmer, both of whom have the task of selecting cultural objects and inserting them into new contexts.”

Using existing works of art or cultural objects as a source for further cultural production and reflection has been observed in the arts in the European and US cultural context for some time. This phenomenon extends to music, film, theatre and, naturally, visual art.

Four Berlin artists invite four American artists to exchange thoughts regarding this phenomenon and to present art created “starting from art” (Eva Sturm) at arttransponder. Work by Tamara Albaitis, Miru Kim, Millette Tapiador (USA), Constanze Eckert, Tatjana Fell, Anna Zosik and Lisa Glauer (Berlin) is on view.

Simply stand within the little cage (that you yourself put yourself in) and let art wash over you. Ah!! Such a cathartic experience!

All sound files on this website are abbreviated versions of the actual installation.