2005 – 2010

Chicago, IL
Hong Kong, China
San Francisco, CA
St.Petersburg, FL

More than ever we are sharing ideas and information through impersonal means. These new technologies grant us the ability to remain somewhat removed from our communications, in the attempt to feel safer. ‘Secret’ is a poetic look at the technology that sits between you and me, and the information that passes through it. We have grown to love our technology, developing real needs for it in every aspect of our lives. Through computer chips, plastic and wires we exchange extremely personal information credit card numbers and carry out major business transactions. We sit in our homes typing away our deep personal secrets to a friend half a world away, and call that intimacy. Bit-by-bit, the physicality of our human relations: our actual voices, hands and smiles are being replaced, byte-by-byte.

I am interested in the dependency we have for technology to communicate things that are very personal, in a impersonal way.

All sound files on this website are abbreviated versions of the actual installation.