A studio study
Chicago, IL

There were my chimes, motionless, useless, and sad. Feeling almost guilty for not putting a proper hook outside, I’d tap them frequently, hearing their gentle sound. This little object needs nature to fulfill its purpose. Everything essentially needs nature for fulfillment, yet we fill our lives up with substitutions, sure it’ll do the job just the same.

Next to my electric water fountain, I plugged in my amplifier, and eight little, raw speakers. The eight speakers were emanating the sound my wind chimes would make, when placed in nature, powered by the wind. I stuck the little speakers to the bottom of the metal tubes of the wind chimes. This was my effort to resuscitate the need back into my chimes. The sound is beautiful, but the effects of the motionless chimes are eerie. My technology has replaced the wind.

We often yearn for nature and satisfy these desires with the help of technology – meditation CD’s, incense that smells of nature, fake fireplaces that make ‘real’ crackling noises when turned on, etc… Yet at the same time, our progression with technology is sometimes, destructive to nature. Yet, WE are nature. Who’s resuscitating who?

It’s ironic to me, this relationship between our technology and nature…