Brick and Bones Performance


“Sam Hill Warehouse” Gallery
Prescott, AZ


In collaboration with Ashley Fine, Breanna Rogers, Lily Ruffner and Prescott College performing arts professor Delisa Myles. Each performer was outfitted with a ‘speaker spine’ that enamated many composed soundtracks which embodied the sounds that that space once held. Industrial noises, clanks, mechanical gears set the rythym for the movement. Each performer navigated throughout the space, in and around the other sound sculptures and audience. Each audience member then had a unique perspective of the totality of space, sound and visual. Tamara moved throughout the space with a 15″ woofer emanating her heartbeat; together the sounds of machine and body became one. This is the embodiment of our modern culture: the coexistence of man and machine, for good or ill.

Praise for Bricks and Bones:

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“Tamara has really transformed this space,” Myles reiterated. “We’re the visual element moving through the whole thing,
like the nerve endings or something in the bloodstream.” – Delisa Myles quoted from The Prescott Courier, Feb. 16th 2012

“The process was highly interdisciplinary and collaborative in the sense that there were many mediums and senses at play: sound, sculpture, space, dance. As dancers, the work began for us initially with the theme of, “secrets, what we keep inside, that which isn’t expressed.” We embarked on an improvisational process individually devising material in movement and gesture in response to our individual experiences with this theme. Sharing this material with the enemble gave us a collective vocabulary from which to pull from.” – Lily Ruffner


“Upon meeting Tamara and begining to work with her in person, the full context and scope of the project began to emerge as we were introduced to the other mediums that we would be working with: thousands of feet of speaker-wire, hundreds of raw speaker cones (some of which we would be wearing!) and the space itself. The meeting of sound and movement through bodies, space, and technology brought up themes of organic and inorganic and the places where they intersect. Though her mediums are technological in nature, her work speaks so much to the experience of being in the body and calls your attention and awareness to consciously considering what this means. Walking into Tamara’s creation is stepping into somethign very visceral and felt. With this quality inherent in Tamara’s aesthetic and process, it was inspiring to delve into the possibilities and an invitation to consider the many forms of movement and sound inherent in daily life. Sound after all, is movement as well.” -Lily Ruffner




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