“Sam Hill Warehouse” Gallery
Prescott, AZ

The Sam Hill Gallery into a sound, sculpture installation experience that responded to the space itself; it’s history, it’s present state and the community it serves. Originally built as the only hardware store west of the Mississippi during the turn of the twentieth century, the Sam Hill Warehouse played a key role in developing the economic growth of Prescott and it’s surrounding areas.


Wagons, windmills, Winchester rifles and other surplus stock was sold and stored in Sam Hill, a train stopping at the space daily to deliver it’s goods.


These sounds, as well as other environmental noises that may have been heard in and around the space where collected and composed, then played back into various sound sculptures within the space. Commentary on the effects of disappearing cultures, primarily the Yavapai people brought upon by the modern, economical beginnings of Prescott also shaped Sam Hill’s past.


The white speaker installation within the middle of the space, webbed itself around the ‘heart’ of the space emanating whispers from it’s tiny speakers; stories told or not told…


Up each column rose tuffs of speaker nests, risen high above heads sounding the progress of the industrial revolution along with native music from the past.


The Silent Speaker Series also was installed. Words written on the backs of speakers, their only way of communicating, wires hanging limp to no source of power. More stories, told and untold yet present and remembered.


The installation consisted of over 3000 feet of audio wire, around 500 raw speaker cones and 6 different audio soundtracks. A Bricks and Bones performance also commenced within the space turning Sam Hill Gallery into an active character within this time, in this place exposing it’s secrets and memories that shape the community today.