Untitled Performance


presented by Collectiv Mu (Paris, France)
performed at the Institute for Unstable Media
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Water sounds filled the dark space from speakers implanted in the wall. The artist walked into the space coddling a buddle of speakers similar to how one coddles a baby. As she walked, behind her drags the power source of her bundle.
She gently lays the speakers on the ground and the sound of fire comes from them – louder and louder as she fondles them. She loves them. They mimick nature for her. She yearns for something natural.
She them stands up and the fire noises die down, she looks down disappointed at them. They are attached to her, she cannot leave them. She hoists the wire over her shoulder and lumbers heavily off stage as the water sounds fill the room back up.


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Walking onto stage, cuddling the speakers in her arms lovingly…

As she touches the speakers, the sound of fire gathers volume…



She drags the speakers and amp off stage… water noises fill the space again.